Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sherlock Continues...Yankl Cantor Family

by Michal Esterson

Yankl (Yaakov) Cantor was a chazan (cantor), as one of his grandsons, Yaakov Zalman Godrov (known as Jakob Gordon in Helsingborg, Skane, Sweden) and namesake. He gave one of his son's (my great-great-grandfather Nakhman) the last name of Kaufman. The name Kaufman emerges when Yakovman, then Yakofman was shortened to Kofman. Kaufman is derived from Yaakov!  I have been able to find out who Nakhman’s children married, with the exception of his one son who changed his name back to Cantor - Max Kaufman Cantor.
Sara Kaufman Kushner
I know that Rose Kaufman married Mr. Forman (still don’t know if she had children), Max Kaufman Cantor had two children- I do know he had a daughter named Gertrude, Samuel married Etta Feinberg and they had 8 children and they lived (from 1891) in Fall River, Massachusetts, Sara (my great-grandma) married Jacob Kushner and they had 8 children – 2 died before 1910 and Lillian died at age 2, she fell off a horse and was kicked in the head and Fanny married Abraham Cooperman and they lived in New Jersey and had no children (although their poodle ate in a high-chair at the table).  Nakhman was a rabbi and possibly a chazan.

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