Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another Cousin Found!

I’m so excited! I’ve just found another Gamson (Gamza/Gamzu) cousin. She is very new to genealogy research. She only has information on Charlotte Gamson’s descendants, but there is information she has that I don’t. She wasn’t sure if we really were researching the same Charlotte Gamson since she was told the Gamson’s were from Baden, Baden or Heidleberg, Germany. Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany was actually just the last place of residence before they sailed from Hamburg to the USA. 

I have found out that there are definitely cousins in South Africa and are (or at least were) cousins in Haifa. Frieda T. Priest came to visit them in Israel sometime in the 1950’s. Okay, okay, the Gamsons are cousins by marriage, but cousins are cousins!

Just before I found this Gamson cousin, I discovered Chaim Nochem Gamsu’s (Khaim Nokhim Gamza) Lithuanian marriage record. This lists his father’s name as Shmuel. Rivkah Meriem (Mary) was listed with her Yiddish name, Rive Mere.
 I also found the Hamburg passenger list for Rivkah Meriem (Mary) and four of her children. Her youngest son, Philip, was left behind for some reason.


Hopefully, more Gamson (Gamza/Gamzu) information to come.

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