Sunday, December 14, 2014

Puzzle Piece Found

I’m so excited! I finally uncovered Sarolata Mandelbaum Steuer’s family! Since the Hungarian records on JewishGen is a work in progress and new records are being added all the time, I uncovered Abraham Steuer and Sarolata Mandelbaum’s marriage record, which I mentioned in my last blog.

Sarolata Mandelbaum’s parents were Farkas Mandelbaum and Rosalia “ Sali” Hollander. She was one of eight children. According to the Hungarian Birth Records on JewishGen, Farkas and Rosalia “ Sali” Hollander Mandelbaum had the following children: Ahron (Samuel), Sarolata (Sari, Sali, Sara), Hani, Helena (Lina), Eduard, Simon, Regina (Regi, Mariska), and Malvin (Mirjam).

In searching the JewishGen Birth records, I was able to uncover the names of Abraham and Sarolata’s children. Most of the names I got from Eva Steuer Halas, but since it was all over the phone, I wasn’t sure of all of the spellings of the names. Eva told me she knew there was at least one daughter, but she didn’t remember her name. They had nine children and I know that 5 perished in the Holocaust. Their second daughter, Malvin, died as an infant.

I have often wondered if Samuel Steuer is a brother of Majer Steuer, even though I currently have his son. I now need to find out if Nathan Steuer is a brother of Majer Steuer. I’m still searching records, trying to prove my theories.


Solve one puzzle and another pops up.

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