Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Kushner Information and Kushner Family Book

While writing my book on my Kushner family, I received a lot of good information from my grandma (Rosie Kushner Steuer Schuman) on her paternal uncles and their wives.

I uncovered their parents’ names (grandma’s paternal grandparents) came from grandma’s brother Nathan who was the informant on their fathers’ (Jacob Kushner) death certificate. I discovered that the name of grandma’s father on her death certificate was the name of her youngest brother, Herman, not Jacob. It also listed her mother, Sara, but her last name was listed as unknown. Thanks to my catching the mistake, mom submitted an amendment to grandma’s death certificate. The amendment to the death certificate lists her name at birth, Rosie, as well as correcting her father’s name to Jacob, including her mother’s full name, Sara Kaufman and changing their place of birth from Poland to Russia.

I just found out that George had another daughter when I thought he had only one child, Rosa Kushner. The 1940 census had George, his wife Lena and daughter Rosa living in the same house as Nettie Butler. Nettie was the head of household; she was a widow and mother of two daughters: Goldie Butler and Marcia Butler; George Kushner was listed as father; Lena Kushner was listed as mother; Rosa Kushner was listed as sister.
1940 Census for George,Lena Kushner, Rosa Kushner Butler and her daughters.
I also realized that Abraham and George both petitioned for naturalization in 1902. Both gave the same address. I discovered that their family (including their parents and other two brothers Samuel and Joseph) were living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at 44 Rivington Street.

It’s back to writing my book – A Family of Tailors.

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