Thursday, March 9, 2017

Skeletons Popping Out!

A Laber cousin was a tall bombshell – slender, blonde and blue eyes and yes, she was 100% Jewish! They say all heads would turn when she would walk down the street. She joined burlesque and became a dancer, and it’s believed that she was actually a stripper (even though no one wanted to admit it). Her close friend was Gypsy Rose Lee.

Gypsy Rose Lee
It was during this time that she was friends with Gypsy Rose Lee that Millie changed her name to “Billie”. “Billie” was quite flamboyant and glamorous and it’s believed that “Billie” had more stage presence. The owner of the burlesque house, d Max Rudnick fell in love with her. He realized he was quite a bit older than she, and couldn't really keep up but he was crazy about her, so he turned his back to a lot of her partying. He used to say, "Let the kid have some fun." 

After Max's death, she was left a wealthy young widow, but unfortunately, she got involved with a string of wrong men. After the death of her second husband, Billie resided in Miami Beach at a suite in the very prestigious Fontainebleau Hotel. While she was living there, she got involved with a guy who had been a friend or her cousin. Apparently this new man had arranged a heist in her suite upstairs while he and Billie were having dinner in the hotel. She lost all her furs, diamonds, and a great deal of money that she kept hidden away upstairs.  After that, she was never the same. She moved to Las Vegas and went to work at Caesar's Palace.  

The really tragic thing in her life was that she died without her son in her life. She must have been ill for some time since she had carcinoma of the lungs. She died in a hospital back where she lived for many years and her sister still lived.

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