Friday, February 9, 2018

Family of Jettel (Henrietta) Eisner Steuer

Many, many years ago I came across information on Henrietta’s given name and siblings when I was trying to uncover if my feeling that her mother and her mother-in-law were sisters.

I had found out, through JewishGen’s Gliwice County Births, 1812-47 and Bytom Marriages 1848-74 records, I was able to find her siblings, since I already knew her parents’ names from Rabbi Urlich Steuer’s hand-written family tree.

Lehne Eisner’s marriage date was 03 Apr 1872, Zabrze (Bytom Marriages 1848-74) to Joachim Schueller. Braindel (Pauline) Eisner married Heinrich Pollack on 12 Jul 1865 in Preiswitz. Another daughter of Loebel Eisner and Handel (Hannel/Hanna) Fraenkel, Marianna, was married to Isaac Sorski on 10 Feb 1864 and her daughter Rosalie became the wife of an innkeeper, David Knoke on 14 Feb 1861 in Bytom.

The information that was more of interest to me was proving what I always felt about Henriette (Jettel), daughter of Loebel Eisner and Handel (Hannel/Hanna) Fraenkel, was that her mother-in-law, Eva Fraenkel Steuer and her mother were sisters.

According to her mother’s Eastern Prussian Provinces Death Certificate, Handel (Hannel/Hanna) Fraenkel Eisner’s parents were Löbel Fränkel (Cohen) and Rosel (Rosa) Löwy. Rosel was born in 1777, Pless County, Upper Silesia, Prussia and Löbel was born in 1779. They lived in Nicolai and Urbanowitz. Löbel Fränkel died 15 Feb 1844 in Pless County, Upper Silesia, Prussia.

Löbel Fränkel (Cohen) and Rosel (Rosa) Löwy had seven children that I know of: Isaac Fränkel, born in Dec 1800; Handel Fränkel, born in 1803, Pless County; Eva Fränkel, born in 1805, Pless County; Lendel Fränkel, born in 1808, Pless County; Babette Fränkel, born in 1810, Pless County; Hirschel Fränkel, born in 1813, Pless County and Joachim Fränkel, born in 1816, Pless County.

Eva Fränkel was married to Samuel Steuer and their son Bernhardt married Eva’s niece, Jettel (Henriette), her sister Handel’s daughter.

Sherlock did it once again.

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