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The Wachsner Family Descendants of Samuel Steuer

Samuel’s daughter Rosalie (Rosalia), born in either 1828 or 1829, according to her death record. Rosalie married Moses Wachsner, son of Isaac and Sorel Wachsner (b. 05 Feb 1822) in Brzezinka. Moses was a merchant. They had two children: Isidor, born 10 Jul 1851, Brzezinka and Emilie, born 21 Sep 1852, Brzezinka. Rosalie Steuer Wachsner died on 28 Jun 1854 at the age of 24.

Moses is one of ten children. His siblings were Frumet (b. 08 Sep 1810), Abraham (b. 20 Jan 1813), Haye (b. 20 Apr 1814), Israel (b. 08 May 1816), Slatte (b. 03 Feb 1818), Loebel (b. 20 Dec 1819), Rosalie (b. 21 Jun 1824), Blumchen (b. 19 Sep 1826) and Chava [Eva] (b. 01 Nov 1829). Their father Isaac was born 10 Mar 1788 and died in Myslowitz on 01 Feb 1853. [Information is from Centralna Biblioteka Judaistyczna and Myslowitz Births, Marriages, Deaths]

Friederike Steuer, Rosalie’s sister, was the second wife of Moses Wachsner. She was 23 years old when she married her sister’s widower. Moses was 31 years old when he married Friederike on 17 Aug 1853 in Brzezinka. Friederike and Moses had eight children who were all born in Brzezinka: Rosalie (28 Jun 1854), Isaac (13 Aug 1855), Heinrich (2 Mar 1857), Hannchen (28 Dec 1858), Marcus (8 Oct 1860), Siegmund Israel [Siegfried] (16 Mar 1862), Eva (12 Aug 1863) and Selma (10 Mar 1869).  

Rosalie Wachsner died at the age of just 24 days on 22 Jul 1854.

Marriage record for Heinrich & Selma

Heinrich married his niece, Selma Nothmann, daughter of Eva (Chava) Wachsner & Hirshel Nothmann. Heinrich and Selma had two daughters: Ellÿ, born 12 Aug 1887 in Gross Strehlitz, Silesia, Prussia (Groß Strehlitz, Preußen) and Meta, born 20 Jan 1890 in Gross Strehlitz, Silesia, Prussia. Ellÿ married a man named Yaakov (Jack) Lissner. Neither Ellÿ nor Meta had any children (as per the Nothmann Chronicle). Dr. Heinrich Wachsner died on 15 Feb 1913 (one month before turning 56 years old).



Ellÿ and Yaakov lived in Berlin before and during WWII. She was deported with Transport 33 from Berlin to Auschwitz Birkenau, Extermination Camp on 03 Mar 1943. Ellÿ was murdered at Auschwitz. Yaakov was born in Berlin and was murdered in the Shoah, according to the Page of Testimony submitted by his cousin Salomon Volf.

Page of Testimony - Yaakov
Page of Testimony - Elly
Birth record for Meta
Meta also lived in Berlin prior to and during WWII. She was deported with Transport 35 from Berlin to Auschwitz Birkenau, Extermination Camp on 06 Mar 1943. She was listed as missing.

Marcus was living in Bieruń (Berun) before he married Marianna [Marie] Jettel Fernbach on 19 May 1863 in Pless. Marcus was a merchant. They returned to Bieruń to live and their two children (that I know of to date) were born there: Emilene (26 Mar 1864) and Leo (09 Dec 1873). It’s believed that Marcus perished in the holocaust. Leo was deported from Berlin on Transport I/8, no. 488 to Terezín on 18 Jun 1942, He was deported on 19 Sep 1942 on Transport Bo, no. 293 from Terezín to Treblinka and murdered.

Siegfried married Rosa (Raachel) Simenauer (born 28 May 1875, Upper Silesia), daughter of Moshes Simenauer. They had a two daughters Edit Dvora (Edith), born 4 Aug 1895 and Elfrieda (Friedel), born 10 Feb 1897 [Nysa Births 1809,10,12,1813-1928].


Edit Dvora (Edith) married Shmuel Meir (Samuel) Jurovics, son of Avrom Leib Yehuda (Leopold) Jurovics and Mirjam Friedman. Shmuel owned a Jewish Literature Book Store in Berlin. Edit Dvora and Shmuel Meir had at three sons: and Benjamin Ze’ev Jurovics (17 Jun 1920), Rafael Jair Jurovics (28 January 1922), Esra Avinoam Jurovics, born 02 Feb 1925, and two sisters: Mirjam (29 September 1926) and Hanna Shifra (3 November 1932), all born in Berlin.


1930 Breslau Address List



Elfrieda married Oskar Lichtenstein. According to the 1930 Breslau Address List, they lived at Herderstrasse 26.




Theresienstadt Ghetto Death Certificate
 Siegfried (Wachsner) was deported to
Theresienstadt and later transported to Auschwitz and perished there in 1944. Rosa Simenauer Wachsner was a bookkeeper. She died from disease at the Theresienstadt Ghetto in 1941.

Esra Jurovics

Esra Jurovics lived in Loosdrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands during the war where he joined the Youth Aliya in Loosdrecht. Esra was on the Dutch Police list. He was deported to Auschwitz and was murdered there on 01 Nov 1942 as per his brother Benjamin Jurovics. His brother Yair Rafael (born Jurovics) said Esra was murdered in Switzerland. 

Samuel Jurovics was born 17 Aug 1888 in Kassa (Kaschau; Košice), Hungary. He arrived at the Port of New York from Brussels via Southampton, England on 16 Sep 1939 as a tourist, where his sister lived. Samuel was listed as “Stateless” and listed that he was going to visit his brother-in-law Sam Klein at E 93rd Street, New York City. His wife Edith was listed on the passenger list as living at 262 Finchley Road, London.  He died from cancer on 22 Elul 5702 (04 Sep 1942) in New York, USA. Edith (Edit Dvora) Jurovics was able to escape to London, England. She lived and worked as a secretary. Samuel wrote letters to his wife, most of which were saved and were donated to the USA Holocaust Museum in Washington.

Samuel's passenger list - page 1

Samuel's passenger list - page2

Rafael Yair (Rafael Jair Jurovics), Benjamin, Miriam (Mirjam) and Hanna Jurovics and their parents are survivors. 

Benjamin arrived in Palestine in 1939. He was a civil engineer and lived in Haifa (Israel). He married Tzipora Fanny and they had to daughters: Naomi and Vered. Naomi married a Gershon Nir Singer and as 2013 still lives in Haifa. Vered married a Ziv Binyamini and in 2013 lived in California. 

Vered Jurovics Binyamini, Clay Artist
Naomi and Vered have two half- siblings. Naomi and Gershon Nir have two children: Hagit Singer and Yuval Singer. Vered and Ziv have two daughters: Neri Peled and Hadas Binyamini.

Rafael Moshe Yair (Rafael Jair Jurovics)  “Rafa” lived in Tel Aviv and was an architect. When he retired, he moved to Hod HaSharon. He married Rachel Levin and they had two sons: Yoram Yair and Gabriel “Gabi” Yair. Rafael died 12 Apr 2015. His sons are still living in Israel as of 2013.

Gabi is the father of Ofer Ezra Yair, daughter Yair Boazson and three other children. He married Living Vurgan.

Yoram married Living Halperin and they have a daughter Yair Ganor, two sons and another daughter Yair Horesh.

As of 2013, Miriam was living on Kibbutz Sheluhot in the Beit Shean Valley. She married a Mr. Berlowitz and had four children: Hanna Berlowitz (now Amitai), Shmuel Berlowitz, Oved Berlowitz and Deborah Berlowitz (now Kilav). All of Miriam’s children are living in Israel with their families.

Hanna Shifra Jurovics Yaari was living in Haifa as of 2013. She had three children: Ada Rivkah Yaari Cohen, Yitzhak Yaari and Avinoam Yaari (named after Esra Avinoam Jurovics). All of Hanna’s children are living in Israel.

Selma Wachsner died on 21 Mar 1869, just 12 days old.

So far nothing else is known about Moses and Friederike’s children Isaac, Hannchen or Eva.

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