Monday, December 5, 2016

Fraenkel Sisters Proven!

For more years than I can remember, I have been trying to find out if my hunch that Eva Fraenkel Steuer and Handel Fraenkel Eisner (mother of Jettel (Henrietta) Eisner Steuer) were sisters.

I tried to find out more information on Eva, her parents and siblings, but never had much luck. I then set out to find out more on Henrietta’s mother, Handel Fränkel (Fraenkel). What I had uncovered years ago were Handel Fränkel and Loebel Eisner’s children. Loebel and his family moved from Sohrau (where he married Handel) to Preiswitz, Upper Silesia on 26 Aug 1828. Their first 3 children were born in Sohrau and their other 11 children were born in Preiswitz.

Now, thanks to Elke Kehrmann who translated and uploaded family information from Schlesische Jüdische Familien, I have the family record for Löbel Fränkel (Cohen). It shows both Eva and Handel and the dates correspond to the dates I have for their year of birth and it even shows that Eva moved to Brzezkina 1826 May 04, which is about the time she would have been married to Samuel Steuer!

Löbel Fränkel (Cohen) was born in 1779. He married Rosa (Rosel Löwy) who was born in 1777, Pless District, Upper Silesia, Prussia. They lived in Nicolai, Upper Silesia (Mikołów) and Urbanowitz.


Their children were: 
Isaac Fränkel, born Dec 1800 and died 8 Mar 1870 in Berun, Pless District, Upper Silesia, Prussia. Isaac married Ernestine Wittner on 12 Feb 1828. Ernestine was born in Urbanowitz, 04 Feb 1808. They had 9 children.

Handel Fränkel, born in 1803, Pless District, Upper Silesia, Prussia and died 01 Nov 1878 in Hindenburg, Klein-Zabrze, Prussia. Handel moved to Sohrau (Zory in Polish). She married Löbel Eisner. Löbel was a butcher and shopkeeper and later an innkeeper and bartender. They lived in Przyszowice (Preiswitz), Gliwice County, Upper Silesia. They had 12 children; one of which was Jettel (Henrietta) Eisner Steuer.

Eva Fränkel, born in 1805,Pless District, Upper Silesia, Prussia. Eva married Samuel Steuer and moved to Brzezinka on 1826 May 04. She died 11 Apr 1861 in, Brzezkina, Silesia. Eva and Samuel had 6 children that I currently know about: Emanuel, Rosalia, Friederike, Wilhelm, Moritz and Bernhard.

Lendel Fränkel, born in 1808, Pless District , Upper Silesia, Prussia. She married Elias Steiner.

Babette Fränkel, born in 1810, Pless District, Upper Silesia, Prussia. She married married Israel Staub.

Hirschel Fränkel, born in 1813, Pless District, Upper Silesia, Prussia. He was married on 17 Dec 1842.
Handel Fränkel’s daughter Jettel (Henrietta) Eisner married her sister Eva Fränkel Steuer’s son Bernhard Steuer.

A special thanks to Peter for helping me to locate the Pless Family Record for Löbel Fränkel and for translating.


  1. I would like to get in contact with you as the Schlesische Jüdische Familien,tree seemed to line up with my tree quite a bit

  2. I'm looking forward to how your tree lines up. Maybe we are distant cousins!