Monday, February 6, 2017

Week Filled With Old Photos

I’ve had such a wonderful week! A new Laber cousin saw my blog and contacted me about a week ago. It started with just knowing that her mother was Mae Wosnitzer and her grandmother was Minnie Laber Wosnitzer.

We’ve been sending many emails a day to each other. I’m so excited! I learned that they called her mom “Mazie”.  I also learned that Minnie and Irving Wosnitzer got divorced when Mae was a teen. I struck gold! My new cousin has a treasure trove of old family photos. These photos have helped me to identify some of the unidentified family members in the 1942 seder photo I have.
1942 Laber Family Seder

Samuel Laber
One of the unidentified photos was identified by another cousin I sent it to and it is her grandfather, Samuel Laber. I also learned that he had Parkinson’s disease. I then learned that Minnie Laber Wosnitzer also had Parkinson’s disease. According to the Mayo Clinic: Researchers have identified specific genetic mutations that can cause Parkinson's disease, but these are uncommon except in rare cases with many family members affected by Parkinson's disease. It is not always easy to determine whether a condition in a family is inherited. Some disorders that affect multiple family members are caused by gene mutations, which can be inherited (passed down from parent to child). Other conditions that appear to run in families are not caused by mutations in single genes. Instead, environmental factors such as dietary habits or a combination of genetic and environmental factors are responsible for these disorders. Not sure which applies to my Laber family.

I also learned that William Streicher was called Hilloh. In addition to that, I learned Hilloh & Goldie’s daughter’s married names: Marilyn Streicher Ackerman and Merlie Streicher Winnick. This is a photo (to the right) of Toby Binder Laber, Rose Laber Streicher, boy, Hilloh Streicher and his wife Goldie Streicher.

Harry, January 1940
Harry Leiber (as he spelled it) was the youngest of Max and Toby Laber's children. He was a  bachelor.  Harry was in the military from 23 Jul 1942 until he was discharged on 30 Aug 1943. Harry moved to Florida in 1973 and died 23 Dec 1984.

Wilton & mom Rose Streicher
Rose Laber married Samuel Streicher, the brother of William"Hilloh". They had two sons, Wilton (born 17 Oct 1909) and Marcey (born ca 1916). Wilton was a runner at Wall Street. Wilton died in November 1966 and is buried at Union Field Cemetery, Ridgewood, Queens County, New York.

Rachel Laber married Benjamin Pollay on the 18th of December 1915. She was known by her family as "Ray". They had three children: Hyman "Hymie", Max "Maxie" and Mildred "Millie". Millie married Cookie Leibowitz. Benjamin was born in Minsk, was a shoemaker and died at the age of 68 on 07 Mar 1955. Ray was just one month shy of being 80 years old when she died, 17 Feb 1973.

Max Pollay

To my surprise, this morning I received more old family photos and this one was labelled Minnie and man. This man is my grandpa, Max Steuer! My grandpa is one of several Max Steuers in the family. He was an attorney, just as his father's famous cousin, Max D Steuer. Minnie Laber Wosnitzer was my great-grandma Ida Laber Steuer's half-sister. Mom never got to know her Laber family since they moved from Cedarhurst, Long Island to Miami Beach when she was just a young girl due to my grandpa's health. This photo of him with his aunt Minnie is one I never saw before this morning!

Here is a nice photo of four of the Laber sisters from Max and Toby.
Hannah, Minnie, Rose & Goldie

One of Hannah Laber Zucker's daughter's, Mildred was called Millie. She married Max Rudnick before 1940 and one son with him, Frederick Joseph. Frederick was born in 1942. Millie married again on 10 Jan 1945 to Charles Lewis. She separated from her second husband on 24 Mar 1959 and was divorced from Charles on 01 Aug 1960 in Norfolk, Virginia. 

Jenny & Willie
Henry William
Willie and Jenny Laber had two sons, Sidney and Henry William. Sidney married Mary Brophy about 1935. Sidney and Mary had two sons, Gerald and Jack. Henry was in the army from 26 Dec 1941 to 14 Aug 1942. While he was stationed in Germany, he married Eugenie Jedrasiak. They had two children: Jeanne and Stanley Jordan. Henry divorced Eugenie on 01 Jun 1982. Henry married Elvira Nordin on 04 Sep 1982.

Here is Eveyln Krantz, the daughter of Max and Blema "Bertha" Laber Krantz.Max and Bertha were first cousins. They had four children, Bertha, Charles, Evelyn and Ruth. Their daughter Bertha died when she 16 years old from accidental scalding with boiling water.
Evelyn Krantz                                                                   
It's been a wonderful week!

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