Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Reunited with DNA

Around 10 years ago I was in touch with a few people that I thought might be related to my Steuer family, but they never had enough information to find a link between our families other than 2 of their ancestors were from Breslau and the other knew they were from Galicia. Over the years I would check back with them to see if they had found more information.

It wasn’t until my Judkowitz cousin decided to take the basic DNA test to find proof that our assumption, after lots of research, was a cousin from a branch that never changed their last name to Steuer as the other branches. I asked a male cousin who would have had a common ancestor to him if he would also take a DNA test. The basic tests did show they were a match - 4th cousins. My Judkowitz cousin wanted to take it further and took a Y-DNA and mtDNA tests and we found that two other of my Steuer cousins had also taken DNA test, unknown to me before hand, and they too were matches with him.

At this point, I stepped back and wasn’t so involved in the DNA process and my Judkowitz cousin was able to continue searching for cousins on both sides of his family. He kept me informed on what he found out. More time passed and then in July 2017 he wrote me and said he had been contacted by 3 people who were DNA matches to him. I saw that they were all people I had been in touch with about 10 years ago and was never able to find our family’s common ancestors.

Just last night I heard from one of these three people that he heard from his cousin that they were related to the famous attorney, Max D Steuer and his son Aron L Steuer. This was a big revelation! I know for a fact that Max D Steuer was my great-grandfather’s first cousin. So once I know his family’s connection to Max D, I’ll know is connection to me!

I can't wait to hear more!

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