Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sarah Kanter Sampliner

I periodically go through old documents and letters to see if maybe there was something I didn’t notice the first time around or if there is something I didn’t think was an important clue or piece of information then and now I know how to use it. My grandma’s cousin-in-law mentioned something about her mother’s family and that she hadn’t found more information on her grandparents.

I decided to do a quick search to see if there is anything new and I found that her mother had a brother Saul. He was a dentist and married Gertrude Rose in Cleveland, Ohio on 01 Jun 1928. After the marriage record, I found a 1920 census for him. He was living with his parents and siblings. Saul’s nickname was “Sollie”. Abraham Kanter emigrated from London, England to the USA in 1904. Abe was a tailor and born in Poland or Polish Russia (1910 & 1920 census lists two different places of birth, one Russia and the other Poland).

Of course I can’t stop with just this. Sarah Kanter Sampliner actually had 3 sisters and 2 brothers. I also found marriage records for Saul and Celia. Other sisters I have their last names from Abe’s obituary.

"Libby" Lillian Goldstein
I have also uncovered Esther Goldstein Kanter’s parents’ names, as well as two siblings of hers. Liba “Libby” Goldstein also went by Lillian. I hope this is a good start for my cousin.

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